5 Effective Tips On Cleaning Mold From Carpets

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Carpets are lovely additions to your home. They make your floor cozier and more elegant. But these fabrics won’t keep their pristine looks for life unless you clean them. Forgetting to clean your carpets will allow molds and mildew to grow on them. 

Letting molds grow on your carpets can ruin their reputation. So, do you know how cleaning mold on carpet works? If not, then you’re in the right place as we’re going to talk about it. We’re sharing the best tips from our restoration service experts on how to do mold and mildew cleanup like a professional.

Effective Tips Mold Carpet Cleaning

Warm water and dishwashing liquid

We all know the cost of mold remediation isn’t that cheap. So, warm water and dishwashing liquid could be the best way to go in terms of saving up on costs. We can say this is the most basic but proven tip for eradicating molds on your fabric. But this is applicable if your mold problem is not too severe. You can use dishwashing liquid or detergent and warm water for cleaning your carpets. 

Take note, this is applicable if your carpets can be washed with water. You need to read the washing instructions for your carpets to ensure you can wash them with water. Some actually don’t like water. You can just do dry carpet cleaning if it says in their washing instructions so.

Baking Soda and White Vinegar

These two can be seen in your kitchen, and now you know you can use them for your mold in carpet cleaning. Most mold damage services also use this as a tool for removing mold. To use them, you can sprinkle baking soda on the area where there are molds. After that, sprinkle white vinegar on the same spot. Let it sit there for five to ten minutes. After, you can use your vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda, vinegar, and molds on your carpet.

These kitchens are proven to remove the musty smell of molds. But the vinegar will leave an acidic smell, so what you can do, you can spray some air freshener there, or you can let your carpets dry outside for an hour. This allows the vinegar odor to dissipate outside.

Steam Cleaner

Molds and mildews aren’t fans of heat. Carpet steam cleaner is found to be an effective way to eliminate these fungi. To ensure there is no mold in the carpet after steam cleaning, apply steam to each area on your carpet for 12 seconds at a minimum. This carpet cleaning tip usually lasts for an hour or two. But that also depends on how large your carpet area is.

After your carpet steam cleaning, let your carpet dry in a cool area. The average time to dry carpets after doing a traditional steam cleaning is between eight and twenty-four hours. But if you use a modern steam cleaner that uses less water, the drying time will be between four to eight hours. 

Anti-fungal Treatment Process

This is one of the most effective carpet cleaning methods out there. You can also find many commercial anti-fungal products in stores. Typically, these products are spray types, and you apply a coat on the affected area. The basic steps for using anti-fungal products are below:

  • Spray the affected area of the carpet
  • Let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes
  • Blot it dry using a paper towel
  • You can also use a wet vacuum in absorbing all debris and moisture in the stained area


You can buy a concentrated Lysol disinfectant from stores. Dilute that with water, and then place it inside a spray bottle. After, spray the area on your carpet with molds. Let it sit there for fifteen minutes. Afterward, you can use your wet vacuum cleaner to suck all the moisture from the fabric. 

Natural Oils

You can also use natural oils for your mold cleanup. Grapefruit seed and tea tree oil are some of the effective natural oils used for eradicating fungi. You can also use that for cleaning molds on your carpets.

In a spray bottle, mix ten drops of natural oils with warm water. Shake well, and then you can apply a mist to the affected area with molds on your carpets. Let it sit there for ten to fifteen minutes. After, you can use your wet vacuum to absorb all moisture and molds. 

Let it dry under the sun

One of the best house cleaning tips for carpets is using free resources. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are a natural disinfectant for molds and bacteria. If you’re done washing your carpets, you can dry them under the sun for the entire day. The sun’s rays can kill the spores of this fungus.

You can also shake off your carpets to remove those spores and let the wind blow them off. But make sure to wear a mask before doing that to avoid allergic reactions.

HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

This is the ideal vacuum to remove fungus and bacteria from your home. You can definitely use this for your carpets and rugs too. This vacuum has a specialized filter that effectively traps mold spores letting clean air out to your room.

How do HEPA filters help clean your air?

The filters of a HEPA vacuum are engineered to remove fungus and air allergens in the air. They are made from fiberglass with tiny spaces in between to trap spores effectively.

On average, you replace the filters of your HEPA vacuums every six months. When you’re using your vacuum too often, that entails a shorter time frame for replacing the HEPA filters. 

What level of mold in the carpet requires cleaning?

The initial onset of mold infestation calls for serious carpet cleaning. You cannot be complacent on this matter as molds can spread very quickly on fabrics. Once you observe a musty odor, you tend to sneeze or cough more often than normal. You need to check if there are molds on your rugs and carpets.

After mold cleanup, what to do next?

Prevention is better than cure. That said, you need to ensure molds aren’t coming back to your home after your mold cleanup. To ensure that, you can do the following:

  • Invest in dehumidifier
  • Check if there are no molds in the air ducts and ventilation
  • Have a constant schedule for cleaning your carpets
  • Invest in HEPA vacuum

Hire A Mold Cleanup Service

We hope you had a great time learning through all these tips. You have the knowledge on how to clean up mold problems in your house. But if you don’t have the proper equipment and time to do it, you can always turn to professional cleaners. We can be your most reliable mold remediation service to hire for this request.

On the other hand, if you think carpets are a no-go after a mold damage incident, then you can opt for some minor house remodeling. However, you have to discuss this with a reliable home remodeling service and see what’s the best way to do it. 

Contact us to get a free estimate service. We can also answer any questions about molds and house cleaning. We want to help you ensure your home is free from germs and molds. Book a free consultation with us.

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