Our mission is to continue to focus, as an organization, on our purpose, values, and principles. We strive to hire people who hold these values for themselves and will demonstrate them daily as representatives of the company. Our Company is all about helping people. With Royal Restoration, our goal is to help people in their greatest time of need.


We provide professional disinfecting services &
deep cleaning.


Feel free to give us a short call at 202-215-8355 to get a free estimate or advice regarding your situation.

Where is Royal Restoration located?

Located in Northern Virginia, Royal Restoration serves Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. With Royal Restoration’s proximity to cities in the greater DMV area, one of their teams are able to be there for you when you need it.

What does Royal Restoration do?

Royal Restoration does mold remediation, water damage clean-up, fire and smoke clean-up, waste removal, biohazard material removal, demolition and construction.
Royal Restoration specializes in restoring homes, offices and facilities damaged from natural causes, disasters, and accidents. It’s primary goal is to keep people happy by removing hazardous and unwanted substances from living spaces. Royal Restoration has helped many commercial spaces to return to their fully operational and healthy state by restoring their damaged facilities. Royal Restoration also engages in residential areas and helps people maintain their safety inside their personal living spaces. The dynamic team of Royal Restoration is trained and licensed in mold remediation, water damage clean-up, fire and smoke treatment, and construction.

What is Royal Restoration’s purpose?

Royal Restoration’s purpose is to fight against situations within structures such as water leaks, pipe bursts, plumbing backflow, mold problems, dampness, post-fire clean up and many more. Due to the unexpected nature of these situations, Royal Restoration is ready and open 24/7 for any emergencies. Royal Restorations aims to comfort their clients with its professionality and knowledge.

Who is Royal Restoration?

Royal Restoration was established by a family with military backgrounds which is why safety and discipline has been a priority ever since. Royal Restoration thoroughly trains its technicians to ensure the best work will be provided to its clients. At Royal Restoration, technicians are trained to gain and keep extensive knowledge about mold damage, water damage, fire and smoke damage, construction and renovation.

What does Royal Restoration promise?

Royal Restoration promises that it will serve its clients with maximum quality, honesty, understanding, professionalism, and integrity. Royal Restoration takes pride in what it does and guarantees its work; so that you don’t worry as the client.

Meet Our Team

Savas Bozkurt

Savas Bozkurt

General Manager
Born and raised in Turkey, Savas Bozkurt has over 15 years of experience in the military as an awarded helicopter technician and served 4 years as a representative diplomat for his department. Following his retirement from the Turkish Army, he aimed to become a successful entrepreneur and moved to Virginia. After moving to Northern Virginia, he has intensely worked as a salesperson and went through many detailed sales trainings. With his advanced sales skills, he was able to purchase his first business named Shiny Carpet Cleaning. By working as a CEO and manager of Shiny Carpet Cleaning for 5 years, Savas has tripled the revenue and value of the company to sell it shortly after. With the confidence of proving himself with his many achievements in sales and management, he has pursued to expand his knowledge in the damage restoration field. After earning all the required certificates in areas such as mold remediation, construction, and odor control; he established and founded Royal Restoration with the hopes of helping clients every day and providing a positive work environment to all his employees. With the inspiration of his military background, he has set his priorities to achieve discipline, communication, and good reputation. Savas’ friends would describe him as fun, active, energetic, consistent and a very good latino-style dancer.
Serghe Coca

Serghei Coca

Project Estimator
Born in Russia, Serghei was a smart student in school. He is known to be very composed and hustle-oriented. Along with his success throughout college, he gathered many experiences from his summer-time jobs. After the end of his studies, Serghei decided to move to Virginia to pursue a stable career where he could use his people-skills. Later, becoming a father really inspired Serghei to be the best in his area; he has been a positive and successful role model for his family and many other employee friends. With his adventurous personality Serghei decided to hop from job to job, company to company every couple of years to discover what he truly liked. After earning some experience; Serghei was really attracted to the area of water damage restoration. His enjoyment for this field has led to his success in getting his certificates to advance to higher positions within the companies that he worked for. Serghei completed his trainings specifically in communication, construction, and project-planning. He has been noted to say that he has finally found his business family to be Royal Restoration. The uplifting work environment is what supports his choice of employment. To his social bubble, Serghei is known to be sarcastically smart, social, funny, and a good driver.
Ruslan Bakaev

Ruslan Bakaev

Project Manager
With his professional experience and long years in project managing, Ruslan has been with Royal Restoration for 2 years. Born in Tajikistan, Ruslan speaks 3 different languages and is very culturally diverse. After moving to Virginia during his late teens, Ruslan took many opportunities with the hopes of being promoted to higher positions. With his dedication, he was able to become a reconstruction manager for a team of ten people and expanded his resume. Currently, Ruslan has at least 9 years in management specific positions. Through his early adulthood, Ruslan loved working on the cars he owned and gained hands-on experience with fixing things. After he was introduced to construction work through a friend, he has pursued this area of career because of his love for hands-on work. To this day; Ruslan has successfully managed and completed at least 115 projects consisting of construction, remodeling and reconstruction projects. With expertise specifically in the greater area of DMV, Ruslan has been an important part of Royal Restoration. Ruslan is known to be outgoing, positive, supportive and hard-working.
Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Business Manager
Andrew was born in Connecticut and spent 10 years there. He then movies to Ohio due to his family’s occupation and upon finishing high school, he went to Kentucky to start his college education. After studying for two years, Andrew had bigger goals in his mind to become a business owner and moved to Virginia. To pursue his dreams, he started to look for jobs. Being in his early 20’s, it was difficult to find a permanent career-oriented occupation. After working in a couple of inventory and service focused areas, he was then accepted to Shiny Carpet Cleaning by Savas Bozkurt as an assistant manager. Working in the cleaning service industry and gathering management and sales experience, Andrew helped his company increase its revenue by 50%. After Savas Bozkurt established Royal Restoration, he had already envisioned Andrew in his team due to Andrew’s good standing and achievements within Shiny Carpet Cleaning. Andrew has been working with Royal Restoration for at least a year and has successfully managed to tackle many difficulties with his dedication. Being the youngest member of the Royal Restoration administration, he sure proved that anything could be achieved at any age. Andrew is known for his problem solving skills, fast learning, on-time habits, and his support for all his co-workers.
Royal John Harris

John Harris

John was born and raised in Washington D.C. After graduating from high-school, he had been in a search for an occupation that would satisfy him in the long run. Although he tried different occupations, he settled in the restoration industry. There is a story that he likes to share on how he settled in this industry. John’s grandma’s home which is located in D.C. was burned down by a fire. Unfortunately, he was very much present during this incident but his grandma was lucky to have John’s support. John witnessed how firefighters responded to this situation and professionally extinguished the fire. Although the fire was extinguished quickly, damage seemed irreversible. At least that’s what John thought; until a restoration company performed a fire damage restoration and repaired the entire house. He was amazed by how this team of restoration professionals had brought the house back to its pre-loss condition. With the motivation of his amazement, he has searched to work for many restoration companies. He worked for a nationwide franchise company for 4 years. Within these 4 years, John was promoted to a supervisory position. Prior to settling with Royal Restoration in 2021, he worked for a nationwide franchise company for 4 years. He then joined the Royal Restoration team in 2021. With his extensive experience in the field and professionalism he got promoted to a supervisory position at the water mitigation department of this franchise company. He then pursued to begin working with Royal Restoration. His past experience was greatly valued by Royal Restoration and John was accepted quickly. John is a very important part of Royal Restoration’s team to this day. John has always brought motivation and focus to his team and managers. He is always seen smiling and he is always sharing with his team.

Our Happy Customers!

Here’s a few of Customers around DC-Area we’ve had the honor of working alongside.

Andrea Caruso
Andrea Caruso
Read More
Great service all around at a very interesting price too. Good quality, courteous staff, good communication with plenty of notification about the upcoming service. Highly recommend it
Bryant Stokes
Bryant Stokes
Read More
Sami(Ahmed) was super professional, courteous and friendly. He explained everything he was going to do clearly. The work was done exceptionally well and on time. Incredibly impressed with this service!
Ryan Peloso
Ryan Peloso
Read More
EXCELLENT service. Damien was so friendly, respectful and professional. And his work was outstanding. Even the gentlemen I spoke with over the phone to set it up was a pleasure.
Itook Ubystorm
Itook Ubystorm
Read More
Phenomenal job! I called them on a Friday and were able to book them the next day. The gentleman who serviced my home was very nice, courteous, and professional. The quality of service was great and I intend to use them!
Crazytrain TGS
Crazytrain TGS
Read More
Sammy is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! Cannot say enough good things about him. Professional, explained everything, was thoughtful, most helpful. We will certainly be repeat customers!!!
Joana Carvalho
Joana Carvalho
Read More
We booked for cleaning of the house we were moving out of and I couldn't be happier with the results. Sammy gave a recommendation for service and explained the process to me.


We can work with any insurance company but here are a few of the most common.If your insurance company is not listed,
do not worry we can still handle your restoration.

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We can begin the restoration and recovery process right away. This will minimize the recovery time and the extent of inconvenience cost.


We frequently inspect the areas where we worked to make certain no moisture or dampness remain in your home.