We have extensive experience and annual workshops to hone our skills for this industry. Moreover, we have modern equipment and cleaning products to safely and effectively eradicate those molds and spores.


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Need Professional Assistance with Your Mold Infestation?

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you avail yourself of professional mold removal and remediation services to handle this situation since it can endanger your health and infrastructure.

Here are the concise benefits of availing professional help for your mold infestation concerns:

Expert service

We have extensive experience and annual workshops to hone our skills for this industry.


Reasonable rates

We offer free estimate service and consultation regarding your mold damages and water restoration needs.


Savings with time and effort

We have modern equipment and cleaning products to safely and effectively eradicate those molds and spores.

Where Can Molds Grow?

Technically, you can see this fungus grow in both organic and synthetic materials inside your home. In line with this, here are the very common places where molds can grow inside your residence:

Furthermore, the most usual type of molds found inside your house is Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Cladosporium. These fungi can come in various color such as black, white, yellow, orange, green, or purple.

How Can Molds Get Inside Your House or Office?

This fungus multiplies via spores that freely float in the air and once it lands on a moist area, then it tries to thrive. In general, there are two main ways on how they can enter your premises:

Also, your pets can be a carrier of mold spores as well, especially when they roam around outside your house. Practically, you can never avoid mold spores from coming inside your space, so your best countermeasure is controlling the humidity and water leaking inside your house.

Mold Damages on Organic Materials

When we say organic materials inside your home or office, we pertain to those made from wood, paper, and natural fabrics. Molds damage those household items by generally destroying their structure, because they feed on them.
With that, there are plenty of organic materials inside your house which can be a nutritious meal for these molds. These materials include floorboards, carpets, wooden furniture, upholsteries, cardboards, and more.
Overall, these items will gradually decompose, while those molds leave traces of their waste and eaten tracks on the material. If you want a safe and professional means of eradicating these fungi, then call your nearby local mold removal and remediation service.

Mold Damages Inside Your Basement, Bathrooms, and Attics

Your bathrooms, basement, and attic all have one thing in common, that is, exposure to moisture and risk of water leaking or flood. When molds infest in those areas, you can expect some black or white powdery spots on the corners, tiles, grouts, drywalls, flooring, and ceiling.
With that, you need to have a quarterly or semi-annual check-up with the moisture level, leaks, and pipes in those areas. However, if mold infestation is worse in your house, then don’t hesitate to lean on professionals for your mold removal and remediation services.
If you still haven’t found a local restoration company to help you, then you can turn to us Royal Restoration. We are locally operated and owned, so we can easily customize based on your needs and budget.

Mold Damages In Your HVAC and AC Units

Besides your bathrooms and basement, the worse area where molds can thrive is inside your ductworks. Why so? Oftentimes, ductworks are dark and damp, an excellent breeding ground for this fungus.
Once it infests inside the heating and cooling system inside your residence and office, then mold spores can spread quickly all over the place. Besides that, it will cause health hazards for those with asthma and other respiratory-related illnesses.
If you suspect that your ductworks are infested with molds, then have it cleaned by a professional. Luckily, Royal Restoration is one of your leading restoration companies to call for this dilemma.
We have the right skills, cleaning products, and equipment to give you effective mold removal and remediation service. Give us a call today.

Smart Tips: Preventing Mold Infestation Inside Your House

Before things get worse, we always recommend that you do preventive measures against mold infestation.
We are sharing some practical tips you can follow to prevent molds from destroying your house.

Check your downspouts and drainage that it flows away from your house.
Never pile up damp clothes, linens, or towels inside your washing machine or in your laundry basket.
You can use commercial cleaning products that kill molds.
Ensure proper ventilation in your kitchen, shower area, basement, and attic.
When there are leaks, fix them immediately.
Use dehumidifiers or air conditioning units to lower the humidity inside your home or office.
Avoid using wall-to-wall or cut pile carpets on your bathrooms and basement since it can store water and provide enough dampness for mold growth.
Ensure your windows and doors don’t allow water to come inside your space.

Our Happy Customers!

Here’s a few of Customers around DC-Area we’ve had the honor of working alongside.

Our Happy Customers!

Here’s a few of Customers around DC-Area we’ve had the honor of working alongside.

Andrea Caruso
Andrea Caruso
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Great service all around at a very interesting price too. Good quality, courteous staff, good communication with plenty of notification about the upcoming service. Highly recommend it
Bryant Stokes
Bryant Stokes
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Sami(Ahmed) was super professional, courteous and friendly. He explained everything he was going to do clearly. The work was done exceptionally well and on time. Incredibly impressed with this service!
Ryan Peloso
Ryan Peloso
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EXCELLENT service. Damien was so friendly, respectful and professional. And his work was outstanding. Even the gentlemen I spoke with over the phone to set it up was a pleasure.
Itook Ubystorm
Itook Ubystorm
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Phenomenal job! I called them on a Friday and were able to book them the next day. The gentleman who serviced my home was very nice, courteous, and professional. The quality of service was great and I intend to use them!
Crazytrain TGS
Crazytrain TGS
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Sammy is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! Cannot say enough good things about him. Professional, explained everything, was thoughtful, most helpful. We will certainly be repeat customers!!!
Joana Carvalho
Joana Carvalho
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We booked for cleaning of the house we were moving out of and I couldn't be happier with the results. Sammy gave a recommendation for service and explained the process to me.


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