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With the pressing matters on health and sanitation, you can never undermine a single microbe or mold crawling in the dark damp corners inside your house or office. Whether it’s a freezing winter or scorching hot summer, molds can automatically grow in your moist and dark nooks.


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The Basics on Molds

It’s a fungus that reproduces via spores that can float in the air. When it lands over a damp surface, it can thrive and multiply there. You can see various colors of molds which include orange, yellow, black, white, purple, or green.
This fungus can grow on various materials such as cloth, wood, carton, papers, glass, plastic, and tiles. The surface must be moist and can be a dark or lighted place. Also, it eats the surface where it’s growing, so you can expect damages to your wood or upholstery with molds.
If you have zero knowledge and experience in mold removal and disinfection, then call a professional restoration service today. You can book an early appointment or free consultation with us.

What Are The Different Types of Molds?

Scientifically, there are around 300,000 types of molds found in nature, yet we are going to only mention those common indoor molds. Check these types below:
These are the blue or green molds you see on the water damaged areas inside your house or office.
It’s the most common type you see underneath your sink and in your walk-in shower area.
These are the ones you see in your wooden furniture and fabrics. It can thrive either in hot or cold seasons.
You can spot this mold in your drywalls, food items, and dusty places.
Luckily, your local restoration service knows the essential steps on eradicating these molds in your upholsteries, wooden furniture, leather seats, and fabrics. Talk to one of our personnel today, call our office.

How Can Molds Get
Inside Your Home or Office?

Technically, there are two ways that molds get inside your premises:
Take note, these spores aren’t visible to the naked eye, so seeing molds growing in your fabrics or drywalls is your visible evidence that they have infiltrated your space.

Who Are Vulnerable To Mold Infestation?

Molds aren’t that bad since they play a critical role in the decomposition of dead matter in the soil. However, it also inflicts health consequences for people with a fragile immune system which include the following:
Seniors or elderly
People with asthma or acute lung problems
Babies and children
Patients suffering from immune system-related diseases

Health Consequences of Mold Infestation

When your house or office is infested with molds, you cannot take this for granted because of its ill effects which compromise your and your family’s health. Here are some obvious signs that you are allergic to molds:
Here is a further explanation for the respective health consequences of mold infestation.

Respiratory Problems

If you are asthmatic, then inhaling mold spores can be a serious concern since it can cause an asthma attack and shortness of breath. Typically, these mold spores can cause irritation and inflammation inside your nose, throat, and lungs.

Skin Rashes

Besides asthma attacks, you can also develop an itch and redness on your skin when mold spores are present. With that, you have to immediately wash your skin with running water and soap.

Red Watery Eyes

When you have an asthma attack or continuous sneezing, your eyes naturally react by being reddish and watery. When this occurs, you need to seek medical help right away.
If you don’t have the right tools and skills for efficiently removing molds around your house, then get help from professionals like Royal Restoration. We give free estimate service and consultation.

Tips: Preventing Mold Infestation Inside Your House

Mold spores aren’t visible to our naked eyes, so it will be impossible to ensure there are zero spores around your house or office. Going back, molds only grow when there is sufficient moisture on your surfaces, so your main goal will be to reduce the moisture level inside your premises.
Furthermore, here are some helpful tips from our personnel for you to avoid mold infestation inside your residence and commercial establishment.
During hot seasons, use your dehumidifiers and AC units to remove excess moisture in the air.
Allow your interior doors to be opened at some points to permit free air circulation inside your premises.
Do periodic cleaning and maintenance with your HVAC system, so you are confident that it’s efficiently keeping your indoor air clean and cool.
Check your plumbing and sink for leakages.
Immediately attend and dry your wet floors, shower, underneath the sink compartment, and other areas prone to moisture and water leaking.
Secure a moisture meter inside your house to periodically check your moisture level. You must keep it within 60% moisture level to avoid mold infestation.
During winter, make sure your walls are properly insulated to prevent condensation inside your residence or office.
Ensure there is proper ventilation inside your kitchen and shower area so that it won’t be too humid.
In your basement, ensure your crawl spaces are well-ventilated and protected from groundwater going inside.
Use area rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpets to cover your basement floors. However, if you insist on the latter, then install a sub-floor to avoid moisture dilemmas.

Mold Infestation Problems? Call A Professional Restoration Company

Our Happy Customers!

Here’s a few of Customers around DC-Area we’ve had the honor of working alongside.

Our Happy Customers!

Here’s a few of Customers around DC-Area we’ve had the honor of working alongside.

Andrea Caruso
Andrea Caruso
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