Besides a raging hurricane, a fire incident can cause an intensely traumatic experience and property damage to everyone. Your belongings and property will suffer a fire, smoke, and water damage all at once since the firemen will use water to put out the flame.


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How Does Royal Restoration Perform Fire Damage Restoration?

We provide a systematic and unique approach to every scenario of fire damage we reconstruct in the area. Nevertheless, here are the standard steps we undertake in repairing those fire damages on the structure and items inside your property.

Our well-trained technicians will carefully assess the fire damages to the structure and amenities inside your property. With that, we can specifically draft a customized recovery plan for the rehabilitation of your house or building.
After a fire, your property’s roof, windows, and walls weaken and can collapse anytime. Consequently, we will immediately reinforce those areas to avoid further damage.
Your place will inevitably be damp and there is excess water around your property. This water came from the firemen who put out the flame in your house or building. In line with this, our team will also conduct water extraction and drying procedures in your place.
Smoke and soot are by-products of combustion or flame, which are also acidic, so it will harm any surfaces. In line with this, our team will use innovative technology to remove those things all over your belongings, walls, and ceilings.
Fire accidents produce various residues and damage to property, which is impossible to repair by yourself. With that, the Royal Restoration will help you clean up and decontaminate your place.
It’s the last part of our package, where we analyze the cost vs benefits of restoring or replacing damaged items and structures inside your building or house.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

If your building, store, office, or clinic is on fire, then you call us immediately for our commercial fire damage restoration solutions. We are one of the authorities in this field, and we never failed to provide a tailored-fit plan for a reasonable rate.
With our highly equipped and trained team of experts, we can efficiently reconstruct your place on-time, so you can get back to business. Moreover, there will be zero smoke or burnt odor left on your property.

24-Hour Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Service

Fire incidents can arise unexpectedly whether day or night, so you need to have a reliable local restoration company to lean on. Fortunately, Royal Restoration can be your best option for highly innovative and responsive recovery and treatment for those fire damages on your property and assets.
Our hotline number is around the clock open for your distress calls and we’ll answer you on your first phone call. We shall ask a few questions to gather vital information regarding your concern, then we will send our mobile team to your location.
Expect our van to reach your place in 15 to 25 minutes. Then, they will thoroughly assess your fire damage, so we can devise a suitable recovery program that suffices your needs and finances.

Royal Restoration’s Fire Damage Restoration Service

We are a locally operated and owned restoration company in the area, providing state-of-the-art fire damage restoration solutions at the best price guarantee. Our main goal is to stabilize the condition of the affected area so that we have a higher recovery percentage.
Besides putting out the flame, our well-trained technicians will neutralize all soot and smoke produced in the incident, because it’s acidic and can foster continued damage. Also, we will have to deal with water damages brought by the action of the firemen to put out the fire.
In line with restoration percentage, here are the essential elements that influence it:
Furthermore, here are the basic inclusions for Royal Restoration’s fire damage restoration package:
Don’t hesitate to contact us at Royal Restoration when you need a specialist for reconstructing your property before the fire incident.

Is It Beneficial To Avail Fire Damage Restoration Service?

Our Happy Customers!

Here’s a few of Customers around DC-Area we’ve had the honor of working alongside.

Our Happy Customers!

Here’s a few of Customers around DC-Area we’ve had the honor of working alongside.

Andrea Caruso
Andrea Caruso
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Great service all around at a very interesting price too. Good quality, courteous staff, good communication with plenty of notification about the upcoming service. Highly recommend it
Bryant Stokes
Bryant Stokes
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Sami(Ahmed) was super professional, courteous and friendly. He explained everything he was going to do clearly. The work was done exceptionally well and on time. Incredibly impressed with this service!
Ryan Peloso
Ryan Peloso
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EXCELLENT service. Damien was so friendly, respectful and professional. And his work was outstanding. Even the gentlemen I spoke with over the phone to set it up was a pleasure.
Itook Ubystorm
Itook Ubystorm
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Phenomenal job! I called them on a Friday and were able to book them the next day. The gentleman who serviced my home was very nice, courteous, and professional. The quality of service was great and I intend to use them!
Crazytrain TGS
Crazytrain TGS
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Sammy is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! Cannot say enough good things about him. Professional, explained everything, was thoughtful, most helpful. We will certainly be repeat customers!!!
Joana Carvalho
Joana Carvalho
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We booked for cleaning of the house we were moving out of and I couldn't be happier with the results. Sammy gave a recommendation for service and explained the process to me.


We can work with any insurance company but here are a few of the most common.If your insurance company is not listed,
do not worry we can still handle your restoration.

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