How Much Does Fire Damage Restoration Cost? Latest Prices

Seeing your house or building burn is truly painful. That’s why preventing a fire incident is better than putting out one. Besides the emotional trauma, you’ll face the burden of fire damage restoration costs. But how much do you think it will cost you to repair all those fire damages?

In this article, we’re going to talk more about it. Keep reading to learn more about the latest fire damage restoration prices in the market.

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How much is the average cost of fire damage restoration today?

Your fire damage restoration average cost depends on the coverage of the damage. The bigger the fire damage, the higher the cost of repairing your house. On average, homeowners spend around $6,000 to $25,000 for restoring their house after the fire.

In terms of an hourly rate, when you’re hiring a professional, they usually charge $60 to $90 per hour. These professionals arrive 48 hours after a fire incident.

When you ask for a free quote, any restoration company would ask for the square footage of your house. This is for them to estimate the coverage of the fire damage. Below are some estimates for fire damage clean-up cost and repair per square footage:

1,000 sq.ft. = $7,000
2,000 sq.ft. = $12,000
3,000 sq.ft. = $15,000
4,000 sq.ft. = $20,000

What are the factors affecting how much does fire restoration cost?

A technician who is in charge of estimating fire damage costs will look into various angles to get a precise quote. Below are some of these common factors they will look into:

Square footage
Visual inspection of the burnt property
Smoke and soot damage
Estimated repairs to be done
The complexity of the fire damage restoration process

At Royal Restoration, our professionals have in-depth training and experience in the field. We can work around any fire damage scenarios. We can give you a detailed costing for this, one that can help you make the right decision. This will also help your insurance company hasten the process of your claim.

What’s the breakdown of fire cleaning and restoration costs?

When it comes to facing a fire incident, it is just challenging, both emotionally and financially. Before any restoration specialist can do repairs, they need to clean up those smoke and soot damages. That being said, just how much does fire damage restoration cost then? To answer that, let’s breakdown its components:

Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke and its foul smell are one of the most challenging residues after a fire. Professionals are even challenged to remove this one, yet it can be done using proper tools and procedures.

The smoke odor will be left on most upholsteries and draperies inside your house. The estimated cost for smoke clean-up is around $200 to $1,400. This is likely to cover all areas inside your house.

There are two primary means for smoke clean-up: thermal fogging and ozone treatment. The former costs $200 to $600 while the latter is around $200 to $700. Our professionals will first inspect your house before we can recommend the best one.

Soot Removal Cost

Fire will also leave those black stains on your walls and ceilings. To remove that, a soot removal process must be done. This is an added cost to your fire damage restoration, and it costs around $1,800 to $6,500 depending on the coverage of soot clean-up.

Soot must be efficiently removed since it can damage the beauty and structure of your home. Our technicians know the best practices for soot removal, so you can depend on us.

Water Damage Restoration

The sprinkler system inside your house and that from the firetruck will get your house soaking wet. It entails water damage as well for this matter, so you’ll need a water damage restoration service as well.

Most homeowners spend around $1,000 to $5,000 for water clean-up and repair. This also depends on the coverage of water damage. Asking for a free quote would be most helpful for you to prepare for your finances.

Chemical Clean-up and Damage Restoration

The residues of fire extinguishers and other burnt items inside your house leave harmful chemical wastes after the fire. This is dangerous to your health, especially when you can breathe those particulates. Those with respiratory problems must stay away from their burnt house.

So far, the cost for chemical clean-up and restoration is between $600 to $2,000. Some companies charge either hourly or a flat rate for this service.

Odor removal

Foul odors coming from smoke, soot, and burnt chemicals are dangerous to your health and your family. This will be part of your endeavor in recovering from a fire incident. Our professionals have the latest equipment to safely remove all these foul smells after a fire. So far, the average cost in the market is between $200 to $1,000.

We will use green compounds for taking out these obnoxious smells of burnt materials, smoke, and soot. This includes ozone and thermal fogging as two main methods for deodorizing a house after a fire.

How much is the cost to reconstruct your house after a fire?

As restoration specialists, we feel the burden of our clients after a fire incident. Home reconstruction is an endeavor you need to face after a fire. The cost to rebuild that portion of your house that is damaged by fire is estimated at $50 to $100 per square foot. The cost can go up if you choose expensive materials, higher labor fees, or wider square footage.

Don’t worry since we can help you get a precise estimate for your home reconstruction as well. We offer affordable service to help you with this concern, and we can talk more about that over a free consultation.

Contact your agent to claim for Fire Insurance

After a fire, we understand that you might be in shock, yet you need to stay calm and contact your insurance agent to claim your fire insurance. The coverage will depend on your insurance policy. You will need to read the document again to know how much you will get from your fire insurance.

Remember that you will need to prepare some documents and reports for filing your claim. Your insurance agent will help you prepare these things so that they will be smoother and faster.

Contact a Fire Damage Restoration Specialist

It’s never easy to experience your house burning to the ground. You’ll need professional help to repair and restore all those fire damages and Royal Restoration is here for you. We have more than a decade of experience to ensure we can work around any situation.

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