Fire Damage Restoration Tips

Getting hit by a fire is not easy. You will lose a lot of things and the memories inside your house. Not to mention the cost of restoring all those fire damages.

Your best protection against fire incidents is to be cautious of all threats of fire. We want to help you with that, so we are sharing fire damage restoration tips in this article.

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What do you need to do after a fire?

1. Turn off your air conditioning system 

If you still have the time, it is best that you turn off your HVAC system before leaving your home on fire. This prevents the widespread flame and soot on your burning house. By turning it off, you are also preventing further damage to your air conditioning unit.

After the fire incident, you might also need to change the filter of your AC unit. This is to ensure there are no soots blown from your air conditioning unit.

2. Keep a distance from the fire 

Among the many fire restoration tips, the best tip is to keep your safety. You need to go a safe distance away from your burning house so that no debris would hit you. Also, you won’t get burnt from the steam and open flame.

3. Secure the documents you need for claiming your insurance

After a fire, it is best that you secure the documents you will need for claiming your insurance. This is part of the things you need to do during fire damage restoration.

What you must not do after a fire incident?

It is also important that you also need to know the essential things you must not do after a fire. This is part of any fire damage restoration services. At Royal Restoration, we offer a holistic process of restoring your home after a fire. We are sharing these things that you can do after your house has burnt down.

1. Do not use any electronic devices after the fire

Make no mistake about using any of your appliances after the incident. The circuitry inside your house is wet and you will never know if some of the wirings are burnt. You need to check all your wirings inside your house before turning them on. This will also help avoid electrocution.

2. Not all fire residues need to be washed 

Washing all those soot and burnt debris is fine, but it must be done with care. This is part of the fire damage restoration clean up tips in the industry. Royal Restoration and our team know that very well. 

Let our professionals do the necessary cleaning for removing all those fire damages. We also have the proper tools for cleaning your home and restoring it back to its best condition.

Call for a Professional Restoration Service Near You

We hope to have given you enough fire damage repair tips to help you recover after a fire incident. Follow all these tips to protect yourself and assist you with recovery.

But hiring a professional fire damage restoration company is still your best solution. Royal Restoration is here to help you. We offer residential and commercial restoration services in the DMV area.