Is Professional Water Extraction and Drying Worth The Money?

A typhoon or flood can happen on your property in an unexpected manner. When that happens, it can be mild or severe, depending on the depth of the flood, and the extent of the damage. That said, you’d want a fast solution for your water damage, so hiring a professional water damage restoration service is your best choice.

But are you still on the fence about hiring a restoration company? Let our article help you understand why it’s worthwhile to lean on professionals. 

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What is a water extraction service?

As an expert in the industry, we do water extraction service by using powerful equipment to remove all standing water on your property. Typically, standing water must be removed from your property within 24 to 48 hours to avoid further damage. The faster we can accomplish this, the better since there’ll be less water damage done to your house or office.

After removing all water, drying will be the next process. Water extraction and drying out service is helpful for homeowners and businesses who recently suffered from floods or strong storms. By drying out your place, we are preventing molds, mildew, and water damage from spreading. The benefits of such service outweighs the water damage restoration cost that comes with it. 

We use stackable air movers, dehumidifiers, large industrial fans, and a water extraction vacuum for this method.

Why is hiring a water extraction and drying company worthwhile?

These professionals have the expertise and equipment to efficiently help you get rid of standing water from your floors and furniture. A water extraction and drying company creates a plan on how to effectively help you recover from water damage. Once done, they’re going to explain that to you, and then implement it once you approve them.

To further explain why it’s worth the money to work with them, below are the best reasons:

Reduce the cost of restoration

Once your floor and belongings are exposed to water, they are vulnerable to molds and water damages. If you let them stay wet for more than 24 hours, the damage can be great, and the cost of restoring them too. That said, hiring a water extraction and floor drying service is your best choice.

We can remove all standing water and moisture in your house in the least possible time frame. Because of that, the following are prevented:

  • Swelling of drywall
  • Growth of molds
  • Stains on your tiles and upholsteries
  • Damages on your wooden cabinets

You can also save your furniture from any sort of water damage. The cost of furniture cleaning would not be that much, most especially if your furniture weren’t severely damage. Nevertheless, it would be worthy to take this step. 

Assistance in claiming your insurance

With our experience, we know how to deal with insurance companies in claiming your policy benefits for flood or storm damage. We can be the one to assist you in doing the paperwork for your insurance claim and have that covered for our services. You don’t need to do out of pocket payments, unless your insurance coverage is not enough to pay all your damages.

Our team is here to be your best assistance to recover from this tragedy. All you have to do is to focus on your work and family.

Finding the source of water leaking

It’s easy to tell if the source of flood water is a strong typhoon. But to know where that came from like if there’s a hole in your roof or walls is a feat. You’ll need extra pairs of eyes to help you spot them. That said, our experts are trained and experienced in locating the source of water leaking.

Once we find that, we’re going to seal them so that water intrusion will be prevented. If there are cracks on the walls, ceilings, or pipes, we’re going to seal them as well. Waterproofing the structures of your home would be your next consideration after removing excess water and drying them. This helps preserve their condition. This step could be added to your house cleaning checklist and prevent any damage from getting more severe. 

Prevent mold infestation

Mold is your worst nightmare since it can damage your walls, tiles, ceilings, and upholsteries. They can easily grow within 24 to 72 hours in dark moist spaces. Therefore, it’s crucial to dry your place after a flood. Afterward, you need to do drying and disinfection to eradicate those molds and bacteria.

Our team is trained and experienced in mold remediation. We can effectively help clean and decontaminate your place after water removal and drying. Our innovative ways for mold removal and cleanup can greatly help you with this concern. This is one of the reasons why you should hire a professional cleaning service. They know how to take care of matters like such. 

Add-on services to restore your home’s condition

Apart from water extraction and drying, we offer other services to help you recover a hygienic residence. For instance, we offer a hot water carpet extraction service that helps clean and disinfect your soiled carpets after the flood.

It’s inevitable that your carpets and rugs will be stained and contaminated with germs after the flood. These microbes feed on organic matter (fabric is one of them) and your carpets and rugs are a good source of food for them.

Washing alone, it can’t guarantee that no bacteria are growing in between those fabrics. But with hot water extraction, we can wash and decontaminate your carpets and upholsteries. We have an advanced water extraction machine that effectively washes your garments without damaging them. 

We use hot water and steam for this process. Our strong wet vacuum, we’re going to use them to remove water from your carpets and rugs.

Besides that, we also do a disinfection service. This is vital since if it’s gray or wastewater flooding your home, that means microbes are everywhere. Water extraction, drying, and cleanup wouldn’t be enough to protect the health of your loved ones. That said, it would be necessary to decontaminate your home from these bacteria and viruses.

We use eco-friendly disinfectants in eradicating these things that can harm your health. After we’ve done our job, you’ll have a comfortable and hygienic space again. However, in case your kitchen cabinets are heavily damaged and can’t be used anymore, getting new ones would be a wise decision for you. 

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Hiring a professional restoration company is challenging, yet they can effectively help you with water damage. Hire someone who has advanced technology and a systematic process of water extraction and drying service. This gives you more confidence that they can help you recover from floods, molds, and water damage.

Royal Restoration, we’ve been doing water damage restoration for more than a decade. Our powerful water extraction machines, vacuums, and air movers are there to make our job highly efficient. Moreover, we plan before we do our work. This ensures we have a professional way of resolving these concerns in no time.

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