8 Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Mold From Your House

Mold problems is not new to any homeowners. When they are dark moist areas inside your house, expect them to grow there. Having spots of mold isn’t much of a concern, yet letting them stay and grow will cause you a headache. In this article, we will share helpful mold cleaning tips that are easy to do with you.

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What are the health risks of mold exposure?

There are different kinds of molds, yet their health consequences are similar. Some of the things you’ll experience when exposed to molds are:

Runny nose and watery eyes
Constant sneezing
Skin allergies
Asthma attacks

If one of your family members has a history of respiratory problems, the more you need to look out for mold infestation.

What are some tips to clean mold infestation?

Dealing with molds is not that simple, especially when they have grown in different areas. We want to help you handle this issue, so we’re sharing some best tips to clean mold.

Wear the proper attire
Before you can clean a mold-infested area, you need to wear the following items:

Face mask
Apron or clothes
These things help protect your eyes, nose, mouth, and skin from molds. Once these fungi get into contact with your face and skin, it’s going to cause irritation.

Remove damp items

If you have some things that are wet and cannot be dried within 24 hours or less, you need to dry them up outside your house. If the water damage is irreversible, you can throw them away.

Ensure proper ventilation

Excess moisture inside your home is conducive to molds. The best thing you can do is to open your windows and doors. This allows air to flow freely in and out. Excess moisture will also be out of your house.

Use dehumidifiers

You can also use modern dehumidifiers and electric fans to help in air circulation. This helps remove excess moisture in the air. Moisture is good for molds, so you need to take them out.

Never mix cleaning reagents

It’s never recommended that you mix cleaning solutions without knowing what can happen. For instance, you cannot mix bleach with ammonia since it creates toxic vapors. Only mix chemicals when you know the products it can make.


You also need to scrub those surfaces infested with molds to efficiently remove them. Use a detergent solution to accompany your scrubbing so that the task is more efficient.

Never cover it up

Patching up those areas with molds won’t solve the problem. Instead, it makes the situation worse since you are letting them grow. Firstly, you need to trace the root of the moisture or water leakage. Once you stop that, you can move to the next steps on how to clean off mold from wood or any surfaces.

Dry it quickly

Molds thrive in wet and dark areas, especially on organic surfaces like wood and cotton. To avoid molds from growing, you need to quickly dry your home within 24 to 48 hours. This is part of our routine as a professional mold cleaning service.

How to prevent mold infestation?

“Prevention is always better than cure” – This tagline is most applicable to mold problems. Always think that the presence of a single spot of mold can mean there are more you haven’t seen. Here are some ways for you to avoid mold infestation:

If you see any water leaking, repair them right away
Make sure to check and clean your downspouts and gutters
Check which areas inside your house have a high moisture content. Install an exhaust fan in those areas to remove excess moisture.
Always let air circulate and go out of your attic and basement
Buy a dehumidifier and use that to remove excess moisture in your home
Check your gouts and reseal them again
Do mold cleaning every month if possible

How does cleaning mold from carpet work?

If your carpet is wet due to a flood or water leaking, it is at risk of mold infestation. Carpets are made up of fibers, which is suitable for mold growth. To help you resolve this concern, here are the things you can do:

Isolate the area where your carpet is placed
Let air flow freely inside the room
Scrub the carpet surface where molds are present
You can also use HEPA vacuum to suck all those molds out of your carpet
Use an EPA-approved cleaning solution and disinfectant for mold cleaning
Dry them us as quickly as possible
You can also apply an anti-fungal coating on your carpets

How does cleaning mold off wood surfaces work?

Besides carpets, wooden furniture and surfaces are prone to molds. But you can kill those molds by doing these steps:

You can use a homemade soap solution and spray that on the mold infected surface
Use a soft-bristled scrubber to scrub off those molds
Spraying a disinfectant (wood-friendly) on the affected surface is also recommended
Dry quickly the wooden surface
You can also use white vinegar and cloth to scrub off the molds

How does cleaning mold off walls work?

You typically see mold inside your bathroom or kitchen walls. Those areas where it’s always prone to moisture and those crevices as well. It makes your space look dirty and unhealthy, so removing molds off the wall is a must.

We want to help you resolve this problem and here are some steps to do it:

You can use bleach to remove it. Just make sure to dilute your concentrated bleach with water.
Spraying white vinegar on your tiled walls
For removing molds from painted walls, you would need to use borax and white vinegar solution. Mix this and then put it inside a spray bottle. Spray on the affected surface and use a scrubber to rub off the mold.

How does cleaning mold from grout work?

Grout is a porous material you see in between tiles. When left uncleaned and damp, it can lead to mold growth. By that time, you would see black or yellow spots on your grout lines.

Handling this concern is simple and you can do some of these tricks:

Use your household bleach solution and spray them on your grout lines with molds.
You can spray white vinegar on those grout with molds and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub it off
Create a baking soda paste using water and baking soda powder. Apply this paste to the grout lines and scrub the surface
Spray hydrogen peroxide on your grout lines with molds

Professional Mold Cleaning Service Call now!

Mold removal and disinfection is simple but for minor mold problems. If this concern has spread all over your house, you will need to hire a professional mold cleaning service like Royal Restoration. We have the experience and proper tools for your mold job.

If you have some questions, feel free to reach out. You can book an appointment for a free consultation.