Steps to Choosing the Right Water Damage Restoration Company

How to Choose the Right Water Damage Restoration Company

When disaster strikes and your home is damaged by water, it is important to start putting life back together to gain a sense of normalcy, and choosing the right company to restore water damaged property will make getting your life back to normal easier. As a property owner, floods and burst pipes can happen, luckily there are companies who specialize in water damage restoration and are happy to help when the worst happens. The right water damage restoration company will take a huge burden out of what is already an unimaginably difficult turn of events. When water damages your home, it is important you can make time to process your losses, and hiring the right water restoration service will give you the space you need to get the rest of your life together. Now, let us go over the steps to choosing the right water damage restoration company to start getting your life and home back to normal.

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24/7 Emergency Service

The best water restoration contractors understand that water does not decide to damage a property 9-5 on a weekday, so they are ready at all hours to come and start helping you get your property back to the way it should be. After water damage, the water removal service needs to start as soon as possible to prevent the problem getting worse. The longer the water is allowed to sit and soak in, the harder and more expensive it is going to be to make water restoration work. Once you and your family are safe from water, it is important to call a water restoration company that can deliver results so that you can take time to recover from the events. The first step is of course going to be a water removal service, then the water restoration company can start making a plan to get your property back to the way it was before the water damage occurred.

Look for a Licensed Contractor

Water damage restoration companies should have certification, insurance and licenses to do the water restoration work. If a company does not have all of these permissions to do the work, they might not do the work correctly, they might not finish the work, or you could even face penalties from the building inspector. It is just not worth the risk to hire someone who does not take the work seriously to have all the necessary licenses, they likely cut corners and will do poor work. It is important to ask the company you are thinking of hiring right away what certifications they have completed. If they do not quickly have an answer, it could mean that they are not qualified for the work. 

Ask Neighbors and Friends for Referrals

If you have experienced a flood it is likely that others around you are going through the same process or have been through it in the past. You can help each other to find the right water restoration service and start getting your life back to normal. You can even see previous work your acquaintances have had done on their home to be sure that you will get the same kind of care for your water restoration. Your friends can also give you an idea of the cost and timeframe for the work needing to be done. Getting advice from people you trust who have been in your situation can be a great help, and they will enjoy helping, remembering how much they appreciated help when they were in your situation.

Insurance Knowledge 

An experienced water damage restoration company will have dealt with insurance claims in the past and can help guide you through the process of making sure the insurance you have paid for will do all it can to help get your home restored. You will need to document damage and file claims with your insurance company, and a mistake could cost you dearly. Having help with the insurance claim process is an invaluable service that the best water damage restoration contractors can offer you.

Has a Concise Plan for Water Restoration 

Refutable water restoration companies will always offer an estimate of time and costs to complete all water restoration work. The water restoration contractor should offer a written estimate detailing all work that will need to be completed along with costs. Don’t just choose the cheapest company, sometimes they will try to make a low bid to get the job and then add on bonus expenses and threaten not to complete the work unless you pay more. If you can have more than one bid you can compare what each company estimates needs to be done and the effort and costs it will take to get your property restored to its original state. 

Mold Prevention

When your property suffers water damage, mold and fungus will start to grow and could be a problem for years if your water damage restoration company does not take steps to kill it and prevent it from coming back. The first step is the water removal service to make sure everything is dry. The next step in the water restoration service is to prevent the mold from coming back, using safe mold killers. Mold is a serious consequence of poor water restoration, it can cause respiratory problems and can eat away at the structure of a house. If a water damage restoration contractor does not take measures to mediate mold, it could be disastrous for your health and the longevity of your building.

The Right Water Restoration Service

After a water disaster, putting your property and life back together can seem like too much to handle, but with the right water damage restoration service you can focus on taking care of yourself and let the pros restore your property to the way you remember it. Not all water damage restoration companies are the same, and choosing the right one will help so much to get your life back to normal. A refutable water restoration company will have all the licenses and certifications necessary for the job, will respond to your needs at any hour, can accurately estimate the costs and timeframes for the water restoration and will be knowledgeable about mold prevention. If you follow this advice when choosing a water damage restoration service, your property will be back to normal faster than you expect and you will be taken care of the whole way.