Best Tips On How To Restore Your Business After A Natural Disaster

A natural disaster can strike anytime and anywhere. Incidents like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes can significantly damage or destroy businesses. Sadly, many businesses were forced to close their doors after a natural disaster occurred. Water damage restoration cost could be some sort of an investment, but after a natural disaster, it’s a solution you’ll need to consider if you want to help your business thrive in trying times like such. 

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According to the Federal Management Agency (FEMA), almost 40 – 60 % have not recovered from the repercussions of a natural disaster. Due to the lack of a backup and recovery plan for financial damages, property destruction, and loss of documents and equipment, business owners have difficulty rebuilding their businesses. 

In this article, industry experts share some important tips for commercial water damage restoration services. Use these tips to redeem your business from the aftermath of a natural disaster.  

Keep an open line with employees, customers, and stakeholders

Communication is very vital during calamities. It is essential to communicate promptly and be transparent as possible with your customers, stakeholders, and employees. This will assure them about the status of your business as well as your welfare. 

Update your website’s homepage or blog about the aftermath of the natural disaster on your property. This will give your customers, and stakeholders an idea of how their favorite business has been affected. Consequently, they’ll offer support, and empathy and increase their patience when it comes to future transactions with you.

Retrieve important data and files

Once you ensure that your family and staff are safe, focus on retrieving the majority of your data such as business licenses, contracts, legal documents, financial statements, customer and business documents, and tax returns. This is a very important step in commercial restoration as you’ll need these files for rebuilding your business.  

If you don’t have any backup files online, you will need to personally visit your physical office and save as many documents and equipment as possible. Before doing this, make sure the area is already safe for you to enter. This also goes the same with other things in your commercial space. One example is carpet. If you have damaged carpets, there are carpet cleaning tips you can do to help you save from the restoration expenses. 

Call your insurance company

After retrieving important data and files online, assess the damage. Document everything by taking pictures of your property before moving anything. Call your insurance company and file a claim. During your call with them, ask about the things you need to prepare to file a claim.

If you opt to hire commercial restoration services, they’ll help you file a claim with your insurance company. In addition, they can also help you assess the damages for you and discuss it with your insurance company. Alternatively, you can have this option so that you’ll have a hassle-free experience dealing with your insurance to cover for damages. 

Be active online

There are many ways people can help you in times of disaster. However, some of these good-hearted may be out of reach or not in your location. Therefore, make sure that you have an active online store so they can continue supporting you through a donation or purchase. This is substantial assistance while your business is recovering.

Find a temporary place

If your building is uninhabitable or inaccessible, it is critical to find a temporary place for your business. Use this place to continue running your business while you’re fixing your property. You can bring with you important documents for your business. You can check for some move-out cleaning tips to help you out. Also, here are some other options you can try:

Apply for disaster assistance from the USDA

Businesses can apply for this one, and find helpful information about being prepared for natural calamities. Most businesses in the agricultural niche seek assistance from the government through the USDA.

Make a fundraising account 

The aftermath of any storm or typhoon is huge and expensive. You’ll need financial help from others, and to do that, you can create a gofundme account. Community assistance is a big help for you to recover from business loss. A fundraising could surely help in your steps to recovering your business. It could help you replace items that are heavily damaged, from your computer, papers, even with your office kitchen cabinets

Seek assistance from FEMA

Commercial cleaning prices can be quite expensive. Well, FEMA can help individuals get financial assistance from the federal government. Those affected by natural disasters are most qualified for this, and you can know more about that here

Be flexible with your employees

As much as your employees wanted to go back to work as immediately as possible, they might still be struggling with the impact at home. It is suggested to allow your employees to go back to work when they’re ready. If it is feasible for them to work remotely, to lessen business interruption, then give them this option.

Plan ahead

After your business has recovered from a natural disaster, it is best to have a plan. Having a business backup and recovery plan will cover you in times of disaster. Below are the typical items you’ll include in creating your disaster recovery plan:

  • Possible evacuation centers for your employees and assets
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Contact details of the key people of the business that you’ll call when calamity strikes
  • Backup files of the company
  • Contact details of your insurance company
  • List of government agencies you can tap for financial assistance

Do you need to hire a commercial restoration company?

In times like this, the aftermath of a strong typhoon is expensive. But it’s more expensive if you can’t recover from your business. Your most cost-efficient solution for this is to hire a commercial restoration company that has the network and skills to help you recover fast. 

Here are the reasons why it’s a good option:

  • They can be the ones to contact your insurance company and file the claims. That can be used to pay for their service.
  • They have the expertise and proper equipment to fix and restore damaged items inside your office.
  • All their members are trained and bonded.
  • They are experts in commercial roof restoration services.
  • These professionals are also specialists in commercial water damage restoration services. 

Royal Restoration is your leading restoration company to call for fire, water, and typhoon damages. We deal with residential and commercial clients seeking assistance for an effective recovery from these incidents.

Go for a fast business recovery

No matter what kind of storms and floods hit your place, it’s safe and best to have a professional restoration company to lean on. This works well with your disaster recovery plan, and you have a lesser headache when it comes to recovery from this tragedy.

There’ll be unexpected losses in your business, yet we can help you get a fast recovery so that your business will be running again. Let’s help you set up a recovery plan for that matter. Contact us today and let’s have a free consultation with your concern.

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