The Latest Water Mitigation Cost In 2022

Wondering how much water mitigation cost today? We’ll guide you on that matter, and help you better prepare for restoring water damage.

Water damage is inevitable when a strong storm hits your place, or there is leaking on your roof or pipes. There are many reasons why your home can suffer from water damage, yet there are also different ways to restore those damages.

As an expert in the field, we have in-depth experience in restoring these damages done by floods, storms, or leaking pipes. That said, we also like to share our ideas on what is water mitigation, it’s cost, and how they can help you prepare for these events.

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What’s the average cost of water mitigation?

The national water damage restoration and mitigation is between $1,200 to $5,000. Most homeowners spend around $3,000 for repairing water damage inside their houses. That can be replacing their drywall, busted pipe, carpets, and other organic materials that have weak water resistance.

Depending on the extent of the damage done, if it has destroyed your home’s structure, that entails a higher repair cost. If there’s less damage, then your lowest possible cost is $300 to $500. 

What are the common breakdown costs of water mitigation?

We understand how challenging it is to deal with water damage and how you can prevent that from happening. Once the damage is done to your property, repair or replacement are your last options. That said, hiring a water restoration service is essential. Below are some of the common costs you’ll face with water damage and mitigation.

Cost of drying your basement

The estimated cost of drying your basement is $500 to $1,000. This depends on square footage and the depth of flood water. The type of water will also affect cost since black water entails more work, so higher cost for cleaning and drying.

Fixing a burst water piper

If this covers your insurance, you can save around $5,000 to $7,000 for fixing your damaged pipes.

The whole house is flooded with stormwater

The cost depends on the depth of flood water. If the flood water inside your house is 1 to 4 inches deep, the cost of repairing water damage is $7,800. If it’s 9 to 12 inches deep, the cost is $18,930. When the flood water reaches a depth of 18 inches, the expected water restoration cost is $26,300. Aside from that, house cleaning prices will differ. 

Fixing a leaking roof

During a strong typhoon, your roof may be damaged. When that happens, rainwater can flow there and flood your house. Repairing your leaking roof would cost around $100 to $500. The roofing material you’ll use will also matter. If you do this on your own, you can save more on labor.

Repairing or replacing damaged furniture, drywall, or fixture 

On average, restoring your drywall, furniture, or fixture after a flood can cost around $300 to $1,000. This depends on the type of material of your furniture or drywall. So far, on average, replacing drywall costs around $300 to $550.

If your furniture is made of wood, the possible cost of restoring it is between $200 to $550. Meanwhile, for repairing your damaged fixtures, the cost varies on what kind it is. For instance, if it’s a pipe, the cost of repair is $150 to $300. For a tub or shower, the cost is $200 to $800. However, if it needs cleaning only, the cost of furniture cleaning may not be that expensive for you. 

What are the factors to include in calculating water mitigation costs? 

A lot of things can happen during a flood, storm, or when you have a leaking pipe. Water coming from any of those sources can damage the structure and beauty of your home. But the most challenging part is the aftermath, that is, computing for the cost of restoring water damage. 

That said, below are some factors affecting the cost of water mitigation.

Water classification

Depending on the type of water damage, the cheapest is clean water while the costliest is blackwater. The latter is water coming from your septic tank or drainage. It contains lots of bacteria and fecal matter that are dangerous to health. The sanitation and disinfection needed makes the entire process expensive.

Type of damage

There are five water damage categories – electrical, cosmetic, mold, structural, and personal items. Cosmetic damage is the cheapest, while structural damage is the most expensive.

Oftentimes, structural damage includes damage to important foundations inside your house. This is critical since if you don’t take care of them immediately, it can weaken the foundation of your home. 

Mold growth is also a concern for most homeowners. It causes allergic reactions that harm the health of your loved ones. That said, you need to hire a professional who does mold cleaning and remediation.

Below are cost estimates per damage classification:

  1. Cosmetic – $150 – $1,000
  2. Damage to personal belongings – $500 – $1,500
  3. Electrical – $1,500 – $10,000
  4. Mold growth – $1,500 – $4,000
  5. Structural – $1,000 – $15,000


Depending on where your house is located, some states have expensive rates for professional water damage restoration. But the best way for you to get the best deal is to ask for a free estimate and proposal. That way, you’d know what to expect from the service of a professional, and if it’s worthwhile to hire them.

You also need to ask for their water mitigation cost per square foot. This will help you compute the expected budget for restoring water damage on your property.

Hiring a professional 

The cost of hiring a professional is not that cheap, yet it guarantees to solve your water damage properly. The service cost is more reasonable than buying new materials and items inside your house when you can still repair them.

Our team can help you recover from this incident. We’ll carefully inspect all items that can be repaired, and tell you which ones need a replacement. Our dedication to helping you get back to your normal life after the storm is relentless.

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