Why You Should Choose an IICRC-Certified Restoration Company

If you have suffered some sort of damage at your home, one of the first things you might think of is to find a wonderful restoration company. You don’t just want to find any old restoration service though, you absolutely must find one that you can trust to get your life and home back to the way it was before the mess. 

There are many companies that represent themselves as mold removal and remediation, fire damage restoration, commercial restoration, or residential restoration firms. But how can you know which local restoration company to trust?

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC is the standard seal of approval for the best restoration companies, including flood damage restoration, water damage restoration and other restoration services. When you are looking for a restoration company near me, be sure they are IICRC certified to get the job done well. 

Royal Restoration is certified by the IICRC to handle all of your restoration and damage needs. Royal Restoration only employs IICRC certified technicians. Read the following to understand more about the certification and why you should look for it.

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Independent Certification

The IICRC is an independent organization, meaning that they don’t have any conflicts of interest when they certify companies to be a restoration service. All that the IICRC cares about is if a company is competent in mold damage, mold cleaning and other restoration services.

To get IICRC certification a company can only have IICRC certified technicians. This means anyone working for an IICRC certified company has been vetted to do the best job possible.

The bottom line is that there are some scammers out there who pretend to know how to be a restoration company. But they will never seek out an IICRC certification because they don’t intend to meet all of those standards.

The IICRC can’t be paid off or bought like politicians and judges, they really care about certifying restoration companies to do good work. You can trust the IICRC to look at each applicant with an equanimous eye and make sure that they are capable of doing restoration work.

A Trusted Name

Like the organic label on fried or the USDA grade AA on a tasty steak, the IICRC means that a restoration company is high-quality. The IICRC has been certifying restoration companies for years and have not had too many complaints over all of that time.

The IICRC is a bit of a niche organization, so you most likely have not heard of them unless you are in one of the industries that they certify. But if you are in the industry, you for sure know of the IICRC and how great of an institute they have become over the years.

It is not everyday that you have an amazing institute like the IICRC helping you to understand who can do restoration services and who can’t. Take advantage of this good fortune and only hire restoration companies with the IICRC certification.

Restoration Work Is Complex

Some handy Andys or busy Bettys might try and tell you how simple and easy restoration work is, but that is because they have no clue what they are talking about. Restoration work is serious, delicate, and easy to screw up, so you need to hire only IICRC certified restoration companies.

If you let Cool Bob down the road try to handle your mold removal or water damage restoration, he could do it wrong and next thing you know you will be coughing from mold or crawling out from a caved-in roof. Only let IICRC certified restoration companies help you recover from water damage and other damages.

It takes special techniques to mitigate water damage, or get rid of dangerous mold. The IICRC certification process weeds out any bad apples and only the most proficient restoration companies make it through and get certified.

A Restoration Company Needs Insurance

You wouldn’t drive a car or travel to Turkey without insurance would you? Why on earth would you hire a restoration company that is not IICRC certified and therefore can’t get insurance to try and restore your home’s damage?

Insurance companies require that restoration companies be IICRC certified because that is the only way to know that a company can do good work. Insurance companies don’t want to have to make claims, so they only work with IICRC certified restoration companies that they know will not mess things up.

Also, if you are trying to have your insurance company pay to do the restoration work, as they should, they will require you to use an IICRC certified restoration company. It may be impossible to get your insurance, that you pay for, to pay for restoration work unless you go with an IICRC certified restoration company.

Get Your Life Back

When you go through a damaging event like a twister, hurricane, flood, or earthquake, it can be a big trauma. Healing that trauma takes getting back to your old routine so that you can feel comfortable and start to process everything that has happened to you. 

An IICRC certified restoration company will make fast work of the clean up and restoration process so that you can focus on the things that matter. Spending time with family and friends, going bowling, enjoying a pretty sunset are all things that can help you heal.

If you get scammed by a non-certified restoration company, that will only add to your trauma and prolong the painful healing process. Make sure to check your restoration company’s IICRC certification to know that you can get on the road to restoration and recovery.

Peace Of Mind

You can rest easier knowing that you are in the hands of a capable IICRC certified restoration company. They will make the entire restoration process easy for you and your loved ones so that you won’t be bothered anymore. 

Take a load off and do some relaxation while your IICRC certified restoration company does all of the hard work for you. They can even handle the dizzying amount of paperwork that might be required by your state, county, or local government.

You are in good hands with an IICRC certified restoration company like Royal Restoration and can feel your mind in total peace. You can focus on doing what you like and they will take care of all of the hard work that they are trained and certified to do.