Water Damage Restoration Project in Alexandria, VA

Royal Restoration made an evaluation first of the water damage for John Mcmullen’s problem. This helped us craft a plan on how to help them recover from this incident. We explained the plan to John, so he’d understand the flow and cost associated in restoring his basement. It’s a touch project, yet we were able to professionally handle it.

Firstly, we removed water from his basement using strong submersible pumps and HEPA vacuums. We used air movers and dehumids to remove excess moisture and speed up drying process. This helps prevent further water damage and avoid mold contamination. Afterward, we clean up and disinfected the entire basement with eco-friendly solutions.

All damaged drywalls and flooring were replaced with a brand new one. Those that can still be salvaged, we repaired and repainted them. Everything we did, the customer know and approved it. We did a remarkable job in helping John recover from water damage. We also re-assessed the integrity of his basement’s structure after the flood.

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We can work with any insurance company but here are a few of the most common.If your insurance company is not listed,
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Why Did the Customer contact Royal?

Water damage due to a crack in the foundation of basement. Water affecting heavilly all rooms floors and walls.

Solution Provided

This is a huge problem that Royal Restoration handled professionally. Our technicians inspected the basement structure to see where are the entry points of the water. After that, we sealed them off and reinforced the waterproofing of the basement. We used submersible pumps to remove the water flooding the basement and other rooms of the house. To remove excess moisture, we used dehumids and air movers to help dry the place. Clean and mold remediation followed. Then our team made the necessary repairs and replacements for all flooring, drywall, and cabinetry destroyed.


Alaxandria, VA