Water Extraction and Drying Project in Dumfries, VA

The cause of the water leaking is from their malfunctioning kitchen appliance. Royal Restoration checked on the root cause and isolated the affected area. We used visual inspection and moisture meter to gauge on the water damage. We did that for both the main level and the ones below it. We used moisture meter to measure the water damage on the kitchen cabinets and flooring. Our technicians also inspected the bathroom walls, ceilings, and flooring affected by this incident.

All those materials that cannot be repaired from their kitchen and bathroom, we removed them. Our team just replaced them with the right material matching the old ones. We repaired and repainted those parts that were left from their flooring, walls, and ceilings. Right now, their kitchen cabinets are looking great once more. Royal Restoration did an amazing water damage restoration job on Artie Hinaman’s house.

Their bathroom is also now looking great as well. It’s as if nothing happened. We made sure the parts replaced matches the other areas of their ceilings, walls, and flooring.

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Why Did the Customer contact Royal?

Main Level - kitchen appliance malfunction, affecting flooring, and cabinetry including, - Level Bellow - ceiling, walls and floors in the bedroom, as well as ceiling and walls in the bathroom.

Solution Provided

We first checked the affected area to measure the extent of water damage. Our technician used moisture meter for this task, and then isolated the area to be repaired. We took out some of the flooring, ceiling, and drywall that cannot be restored. Excess water and moisture were removed using a water suction pump and dehumidifier. Overall, Artie Hinaman was satisfied with our water damage restoration service.