Water Damage and Microbial Growth Removal Project in Vienna, VA

A tree had fallen on a residence managed by McEnearney Associates. Unfortunately, the forecast was rainy during the time of the incident and water had moved into the damaged ceiling of this residence. By the time the tree was removed by professionals, water leakage had already caused partial water damage and promoted microbial growth in the ceiling. Royal Restoration was called for the rescue.

Royal Restoration did a thorough inspection while being equipped with PPE. With the help of a moisture reader, the IICRC certified team of Royal Restoration had found that there was hazardous microbial growth. After inspection and analysis, Royal Restoration evaluated all the necessary steps needed to eliminate this water damage and microbial growth. This was done by spraying antimicrobial treatment and the usage of HEPA vacuums. Commercial-grade drying equipment with air filtration devices were set-up afterwards. The smooth and quick transition between all the mentioned steps allowed elimination of airborne toxins and excess moisture to be in a timely manner.

Throughout the process, daily reports were created and the progress was monitored by the Royal Restoration team. Carefully calibrated readers were used to eliminate human error. Once the area was determined to be free of dangers and drying equipment was removed, the roof became accessible for reconstruction.

The Royal Restoration team continued the work with the reconstruction of the roof. Conveniently, the materials needed were prepared in advance due to the extensive planning of the team. Thus, the missing parts of the roof were repaired quickly. The roof was then tested to prevent further leakage from happening.

McEnearney and the resident were very pleased at the end as the work was done quickly and the roof was now in its pre-loss condition.


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Why Did the Customer contact Royal?

Water damage to the garage ceiling and walls.

Solution Provided

The team got all necessary PPE ready and the work had started. Firstly, containment barriers were built to prevent the spread of hazardous microorganisms to outside of the affected area. Royal Restoration carefully accessed the affected areas through the containment chambers. Secondly, affected materials were removed from the premises. The roofing frame such as rafters and plywood were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.