Mold Remediation Project in Washington,DC

Our featured project this week is a mold remediation provided for a Church in Washington,DC.

Royal Restoration was called in for help in mold remediation at the First Rising Baptist Church located in Washington D.C. Reportedly, water leak from the roof caused microbial growth on the ceiling. Which then the growth expanded to the wall on the upper part of sanctuary.

Royal Restoration’s team of IICRC mold remediation certified technicians arrived onsite fully prepared. All the technicians were equipped in full PPE; which includes Shieledtech coveralls, gloves, full-face respirators and booties.

With the approval of the pastor, a containment was built around the affected area to prevent the spread of contaminants. Affected materials such as drywall and insulation were removed. The studs and the cavity were deep cleaned. Then, an antimicrobial treatment was sprayed. Specialized drying equipment along with air scrubbers were set-up to dry out the affected area and to eliminate any airborne toxins. The progress and the equipment were then monitored over the course of several days. Once Royal Restoration’s technicians determined that the affected area had dried out according to IICRC standards, the church was no longer at the risk of further microbial growth and mold hazards. With the satisfaction of the pastor and the technicians, the equipment was removed.


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Why Did the Customer contact Royal?

Mold Remediation due to the water damage from roof leak

Solution Provided

The team performed a visual inspection of the suspected microbial growth. Then, the team proceeded to use specialized moisture reading equipment which helped determine the severity of damage and helped plan the scope of work. After planning out the cleaning and drying process, a detailed estimate was provided for the pastor of the church.