Water Extraction and Drying Project in Washington DC

Royal Restoration is your expert restoration service provider in Washington DC. We helped Richard Rugs and other clients with their water damage concerns for a reasonable price. We have the latest technology and best team to handle your water damage concern in the DC metro area. The first thing we did for Richard is to inspect the water damage done to his basement. From there, we can create a plan on how to resolve this problem.

We first removed all water inside their basement using powerful pumps and wet vacuums. After removing volumes of water, we dry up the place using ten air movers and dehumidifiers to take out excess moisture. This is to avoid molds growing in their basement. We also did some cleaning and disinfection to ensure their place is hygienic again.

We also did the repairs and some replacements for the floors, drywalls, and fixtures affected by water. We are happy to hear that  Richard was impressed by our work. Should you need our help, feel free to call us anytime.


We can work with any insurance company but here are a few of the most common.If your insurance company is not listed,
do not worry we can still handle your restoration.

Why Did the Customer contact Royal?

Source unknown water damage in basement crawl space affecting contents.

Solution Provided

Basement is prone to water leaking, and Richard Rugs is a victim of it. He called Royal Restoration for this matter, and we arrived quickly in their house. Our technicians assessed the water damage inside their basement. We also inspected the cause and provided a solution for it. After removing water flooding their basement, we inspected their structure, flooring, walls, and cabinets. This is to gauge if it can still be repaired or not. We also did some cleaning and disinfection to avoid mold growth. All in all, we did an amazing job helping Richard with his water damage concern. Should you need an expert restoration company in Washington DC, contact us anytime.