How Much Does Disinfection Service Cost? 2022 Latest Prices

Business premises, homeowners, and offices seek disinfection services as the global pandemic continues. Cleanliness has been the prime priority of almost all commercial businesses, especially in the food industry. It is always important to keep your spaces clean in order to avoid viruses from thriving, so as the growth of bacteria and molds. Well, with proper cleaning, disinfection, and following tips on cleaning molds and viruses, you can surely have a safe environment. 

On the other hand, do you know how much the price of the disinfection service is? Well, the cost of hiring a professional disinfection service varies among different companies. For you to get a good idea of how much it cost, this article will guide you.

Let us share with you the different pricing of disinfection services. Please remember that this is an estimate calculation.

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Factors that affect Pricing of Commercial Disinfection Service

The disinfection service cost is dependent on many factors. If we don’t understand them, we might make the wrong decision of hiring a professional for an expensive price. That said, below are the factors impacting the cost of a disinfection service.

Surface Area

The size of the area where cleaning and sanitizing shall be done is one of the prime factors of the cleaning cost. The commercial cleaning services can charge you per square foot or sometimes an hourly rate.

Oftentimes, you get a cheaper rate per square foot as long as it hits the requirement given by the cleaning company. But there are other companies giving a flat fee for a range of square footage.

Time Required

The time it takes for disinfecting the whole place will affect the cost. They will charge you depending on which time of the day the cleaning has to take place, whether it’s during or after office hours.

If you hire a professional within their business hours, then their rates will just be the same as the ones they are posting on their sites. But if you hire them beyond the regular working hours, most companies would pay an extra fee for that.

Some companies also charge per hour per cleaner disinfecting your office. If this turns out expensive, you can always haggle for the price. Don’t hesitate to get a free quote from them.

Type of Floor Surfaces

This is another key factor in deciding the disinfection service price. Different flooring comes with different cleaning requirements. For instance, carpeted floors need to be vacuumed, wooden floors may need to be waxed, and tiles need to be cleaned in between their grout. Hence, the cleaning cost will differ for each type. 

Location of the premise

The location of your property widely affects the prices of commercial cleaning and disinfection:

  • If your property is located in an urbanized area, expect higher cleaning/disinfecting costs. 
  • If your property is located in a more remote area, the disinfecting company will typically charge more. Since gas prices are rising therefore it will also affect the cost. 

Frequency of Services

Remember that the frequency of cleaning/ disinfection services-daily, weekly, monthly-can impact the overall cost. So, make sure to get a free quote from a consultant before deciding and signing a contract. 

Number of Furniture

Another factor that will impact disinfection cost is how tight or open your space is. As different furniture can block the way while cleaning, therefore it will take more time to complete the cleaning process.

Average Disinfection Cost

Let’s take a look at the national average rate to the low-end cost rate of a commercial disinfection cost: 

Commercial Disinfection Service Cost

National Average Rate —- $200

Normal Cost Rate —- $135—$300

High-end Cost Rate —- $450—$800

Low-end Cost Rate —- $80—$100

Commercial Disinfection Service Cost per Square Foot

Number of Square Ft Average Price

0–1,000 sq. ft. $120

1,000–2,000 sq. ft. $200

2,000–3,000 sq. ft. $290

3,000–4,000 sq. ft. $370

4,000–5,000 sq. ft. $460

5,000–6,000 sq. ft. $540

6,000–7,000 sq. ft. $630

7,000–8,000 sq. ft. $700

8,000–9,000 sq. ft. $800

9,000–10,000 sq. ft. $880

Commercial Disinfection Service Hourly Rate Cost

The national average hourly rate is $39, however, expect to pay more for a more skilled and experienced disinfection company. Below is the charge for commercial cleaners per hour:

National Average Rate —- $39/hour

Normal Cost Rate —- $30—$50/hour

High-end Cost Rate —- $75—$90/hour

Low-end Cost Rate —- $25—$28/hour

Specialized Cleaning/Disinfection Services

  • Stripping and waxing ($0.30 to $0.50 per sq. ft.)  
  • Buffing and burnishing ($0.04 to $0.12 per sq. ft.)
  • Ceramic Tile Cleaning ($0.12 to $0.21 per sq. ft.)
  • Carpet Cleaning ($0.08 to $0.25 per sq. ft.)
  • Carpet Spotting ($25—$40 per hour)
  • Cleaning appliances ($10—$35 per appliance)
  • Window Washing ($2.00 to  $5.00 per pane)

House Disinfection Service Cost

Disinfecting one’s home can range between $15 to $400 or more. It also depends on the process done by the company. For instance, disinfection fogging service cost has a different price than spraying disinfection. Mostly, the former is higher since it requires using special equipment and solution for decontamination of your home from viruses. Carpets are also one of the the places where bacterial and viruses thrive, so aside from disinfection, it needs thorough cleaning. Luckily, there are many tips on how to clean carpets that you can do by yourself. So, make sure that you look into that as well. 

Home disinfection service is in-demand today since people are more health conscious. The pandemic triggered homeowners to be more vigilant about the cleanliness of their homes and workspace, especially their kitchens. Kitchen is one of those areas in the house where bacteria and viruses grow, most especially if it’s not cleaned properly. Take a look at your kitchen countertops for example. Cleaning quartz countertops is important, as it is where you usually lay on the food and every kitchen item you have. Hiring a professional is your last action to restore the sanitation of your place. 

How much does the COVID-19 Disinfection service cost? 

Many companies are offering COVID-19 disinfection services. They use chemicals that are approved by the EPA and CDC. These disinfectants are safe for pets and children. But during the application, it’s still advised that people won’t be there for their safety and to avoid contamination.

At Royal Restoration, we offer a comprehensive disinfection service that helps you get peace of mind from diseases. Our professionals are trained and bonded for it. To start with it, you need to contact us for an initial appointment. Once we settle the price and inclusions of our service, we can then schedule the date when to do the cleaning and disinfection.

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